Personal Tax Returns

Personal Tax Returns

Let Us File Your Tax Return

Personal tax returns are completed professionally. Using our process allows us to make sure that the appropriate tax credits and deductions are claimed with minimal effort on your part. We emphasize strong communication and educating clients so that you will never be in the dark with your personal tax return.

Tax Returns for Employed Business Owners

Whether you use a bookkeeping software or an easy-to-use bookkeeping spreadsheet, we work with you to make sure you’ve claimed all eligible expenses for your business. Getting the entire financial picture is essential to help maximize your deductions.

Tax Returns for Employees

We help to make sure your are claiming all the available tax credits and deductions and using your RRSP’s and TSFA’s accounts properly. If we feel you are paying too much tax we will discuss strategies to reduce your tax burden! 

Tax Returns for Retirees

It is critical for retirees to know how much tax they owe because most retirees aren’t working and are usually on a set budget. We make sure you’re collecting CPP, building strategies around any OAS-clawback, your estate planning is coming along.


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