Estates & Trusts

Estates & Trusts

When filing an estate return, setting up a trust or doing any type of estate planning, everyone needs to seek the guidance of an accountant.

Estate Returns

Losing a loved one is hard. But most people are shocked to find out that not only does the deceased have to file a final tax return, they also have to file an estate return. Let us help with filing those finals returns and other items such as obtaining the Tax Clearance Certificate, advising the executor on tax planning opportunities, and determining final capital gains and losses.

Trust Set Up

There are many forms that a trust can take, but what it essentially is, is a legal entity that allows you to put certain conditions on how specific assets are to be distributed either while you are alive or deceased.

Our Estate & Trust Planning services can help you with: 

  • Selecting trustees and administrators
  • Advising on drafting of wills and trust agreements
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Estate administration, accounting and settlement
  • Investment planning for capital retention


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