Whether you’re saving for a house, retirement, or your child’s future education, there are a number of financial solutions for all stages of your life.


Investment Options:

Registered Retirement Savings Plan
Tax-Free Savings Account
Registered Education Savings Plan



A flexible investment account that can help you meet your short and long term savings goals. Can fill it with a variety of investments such as GIC’s, stocks or mutual funds. Any growth on these investments is not taxed.


An investment account registered with the government with special tax benefits that helps grow your money tax-free until retirement. Contributions are tax deductible and help lower your annual taxable income as well as your income tax bill.


Helps parents save for their children’s post-secondary education. Take advantage of government grants and tax-sheltered investment growth to contribute to your child’s future.


Deposit a lump sum of money, and receive a guaranteed income for a set period of time or the rest of your life. Helps protect the money you’ve worked so hard to save.


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