Financial Planning

Photo of Anthony Fruci, financial security advisor and representative of London Life, in St. Catharines , Ontario.
Anthony Fruci, Financial Security Advisor

“As a local Financial Security Advisor, I believe in taking the time to not only understand Niagara residents’
current financial obligations, but their future needs as well.”

Anthony works with clients through the ups and downs of their lives, helping them to understand their options and obtain advice in order to make wise decisions and achieve their financial goals through personal financial planning.

Understanding a client’s goals and objectives is critical to helping provide sound personal financial planning advice. Once your financial goals are understood, an investment plan is created specifically for you to help achieve your future aspirations.

With the help of a custom tailored investment plan, Anthony can help you with the following:

  • Effectively save towards your goals and keep your investments on track
  • Optimize your investment portfolio
  • Plan for your child’s future education
  • Prepare for your retirement


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